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An award-winning journalist-turned-filmmaker, Jinyoung Lee earned her degree in Journalism and Multimedia from Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea. Since her relocation to Hawaiʻi in 2005, she seamlessly transitioned from journalism to cinema, leveraging her extensive background in Korean media. In 2012, Jinyoung founded Now Production Films with a vision to create impactful films that bridge gaps between cultures and contribute positively to society.

Her debut film, The Words of Wisdom from the Rainbow State (2021), received global acclaim and graced prestigious events like the 41st Hawaiʻi International Film Festival. In her latest project, Songs of Love (2024), Jinyoung skillfully merges cultures through music, combining rare historical photographs with enchanting performances by world-renowned musicians.

Beyond filmmaking, she passionately contributes to her community orchestra as a dedicated cellist and serves on the board of the Hawaiʻi Symphony Orchestra.

Jinyoung's talents have been recognized with accolades from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea's Digital Contents Competition. She also earned the esteemed Best Emerging Filmmaker Award from the Liberty International Movie Festival and the Tagore International Film Festival. Fueled by creativity and a profound love for storytelling, Jinyoung Lee continues to captivate global audiences.



Explore inspiring workshops, creative social media,

and insightful publications showcasing Jinyoung's

dedication to innovation and impactful storytelling.

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Workshop, Talk

Inspiring workshops

and engaging



Social Media 

Creative and

impactful  original

content creation. 

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Books, essays,


and interviews.

Jinyoung offers a wide range of educational engagements,

from large-scale talks to intimate workshops,

and provides consultancy services for filmmaking projects and corporate needs.


To book Jinyoung for a film screening, speaking engagement,

or workshop in your region,

please CONTACT our office or fill out the form below.

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