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A musical documentary that takes you on
a journey of untold stories of sacrifice, love,
and unbreakable bonds of the first Korean
immigrants in Hawaii. 


Embark on a captivating musical odyssey through the diverse history of Korean American immigrants in Hawaiʻi. This film intricately weaves together three distinct episodes, seamlessly blending historical narratives with soul-stirring musical performances. The first episode takes audiences on a 120-year journey of Korean American history, delving into the aspirations that drove these pioneers. Through previously unseen archival images and footage, viewers are transported to the heart of the immigrant experience. The second episode tenderly portrays the life of Lim Ok Soon, a "picture bride," accompanied by the enchanting musical prowess of Grammy-winning violist Richard Youngjae O'Neil. The film crescendos in its final episode, a heartfelt musical tribute to the souls resting in Molokaʻi's Kalaupapa. Through haunting renditions of 'Aloha Oe' and other classics, violinist Chee-yun and Ignace 'Iggy' Jang, accompanied by the soulful slack-key guitar of Keola Beamer, pay homage to these departed souls, creating a moving cinematic experience. "Songs of Love" made its world premiere at the Hawaii International Film Festival in October 2023, and it was also officially invited to the Portugal International Film Festival.


Sneak Peek into Our World Premiere Moments :

43rd Hawaii International Film Festival!

Project details 

  • Running Time: 63 minutes

  • Language: English, Korean

  • Technical specs: 4K DCI for theatrical distribution and
    HD broadcasting/ Premium sound quality / 4096 * 2160 (1.9:1)

Awards and Exposure

  • World Premiered at the 43rd Hawaii International Film Festival, 2023

  • Official Invitation to Portugal International Film Festival, 2023

  • Screening at Los Angeles Korean Cultural Center, 2023

  • Korea Day Celebration Gala, Korean American Foundation Hawaii, 2023 

  • Korean Women Immigrant Leaders Symposium, University of Hawaii, 2023 

  • Screening at Honolulu Museum of Art, in celebration of AAPI and 120 Years of Korean Immigration, 2023

  • Screening and talk on Korean Diaspora The Council of Korean Americans, 2023

  • Visual Exhibitions at Incheon Metropolitan City Museum, 2022

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