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Now Production Films has been producing

documentaries since 2012.

Our films have been seen across the world

in film festivals, exhibitions, and cinemas.

We have created deeply researched historical

and non-historical content with a belief that everyone

has an extraordinary story that can inspire others.

Songs of Love from Hawaiʻi promotional photo. Ignance Iggy Jang, Christine Suehisa-Jang are featured subjects/actors. Jinyoung Lee Won is the director (previously directed Words of Wisdom from the Rainbow State). Official selection for the Hawaii International Film Festival HIFF. A music documentary traveling through the Korean American History of Hawaii.

Songs of Love
from Hawaii (2024)

A musical documentary that takes

you on a journey of untold stories

of sacrifice, love, and unbreakable

bonds of the first Korean

immigrants in Hawaii. 

"Words of Wisdom from the Aloha State" promotional poster with a large rainbow. HIFF selected film directed by Jinyoung Lee.

Words of Wisdom
from the Rainbow state (2021)

Diving into forgotten tales, this film

unveils the incredible journey of Korean

immigrants in Hawaii, as recounted by

their descendants, shining a light on

their enduring legacy.

Jinyoung Lee Won the director of "Songs of Love" and "Words of Wisdom"


Award-winning journalist turned

filmmaker, Jinyoung Lee seamlessly

bridging cultures through captivating

cinema, leaving an indelible mark with

globally acclaimed works.

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