Festival Screening

- Official Invitation to Hawaii International Film Festival 
- Finalist at Stockholm City Film Festival
- Best Debut Filmmaker Award at Liberty International Movie Festival and Tagore International Film Festival  
- Official Selection at China International New Media Short Film Festival

- Official Selection at 2022 Aporia International Village Film Festival 

Community Screening

For schools and organizations, we can bring Words of Wisdom from the Rainbow State to you followed by a Q&A session with the director. Online sessions are available as well. 
Screening for classrooms can be organized at no charge.


Episode Description

Words of Wisdom from the Rainbow State consists of six episodes; The prologue episode plus five interview episodes. 

The prologue episode is a short documentary about the history of Koreans in Hawaii. It includes an introduction to the following Interview with local Korean descendants in 5 episodes;


Episode 01 
We meet with third-generation Korean American writer Gary Pak in a botanical garden on the island of Oahu. His grandmother Ok Soon Lim was a so-called ‘picture bride’ who came to Hawaii from Korea in 1910. The writer provides profound insight into the words of love passed down by his grandmother, who raised a dozen children in a foreign land.

Episode 02 
Harry Kim is a household name on the Big Island of Hawaii. The former mayor of Hilo was born as the youngest among eight children from a sugarcane plantation worker and a picture bride from Korea. The role of his parents was crucial in Harry’s becoming a leading Hawaiian political figure.

Episode 03 
The former Chief Justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court, Ronald Moon, discusses his grandfather’s arrival in Hawaii from Korea a century ago. Like others in those first waves of Korean immigrants to America, they carried little more than their culture, their values and a strong work ethic. Moon says: "I have no reservations in saying that if not for my parents’ teachings and values, I certainly would not be here."

Episode 04 
Michael Lim, a violinist of the Hawaii Symphony, tries to learn more about his great-grandparents. From the viewpoint of their great-grandson, we gaze into the lives of this courageous couple and their legacy in the history of the Hawaiian Korean community.

Episode 05 
The season finale for WWRS begins quite far away from Hawaii. Jinyoung goes to Incheon to retrace the footsteps of her ancestors from 120 years ago. At the Museum of Korea Emigration History in Incheon, she meets Daisy Yang, who shares words of wisdom passed down from her grandparents and parents, adding that "love will protect you from all harms."