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An award-winning writer-turned-filmmaker, Jinyoung Lee Majored in Journalism at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea. She has written multiple books on Hawaii since moving to Hawaii in 2005, and her essays on life in Hawaii have earned her accolades in the Dongsuh Literary Awards and the Overseas Koreans Literary Awards. Won has worked in various Korean media such as the Korea Times Hawaii and a Korean television station in Honolulu for more than a decade. The Words of Wisdom from the Rainbow State(WWRS), her debut work as a filmmaker was officially invited to the 41st Hawaii International Film Festival and 8 other festivals around the world, and Won received the Best Emerging Filmmaker Award from the Liberty International Movie Festival. She is also the winner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Digital Contents Competition, which was a significant contributor to the production of WWRS.

이화여대 언론정보학/영상학과 졸업. 2005년 하와이로 이주해 이듬해 국내 최초의 하와이 여행서《아이 러브 하와이》를 시작으로 다수의 서적을 출간했으며 동서문학상 입선, 재외동포문학상 우수상을 수상했다. 2021년, 하와이 한인 이민사를 탐구해가는 여정을 담은 6부작 연작 다큐, ‘무지개 나라의 유산'으로 리버티국제영화제, 타고르국제영화제에서 최우수 신인 감독상을 수상했고, ‘제 41회 하와이국제영화제’를 비롯해 전세계 10여개 영화제에 초청받아 ‘118년 하와이 한인 이민 역사를 따뜻하고 감성적인 시각으로 다룬 수작' 이라는 평을 받았다. 차기작 ‘Songs of Love: 하와이 연가’는 아름다운 우리 음악을 통해 120년에 이르는 한민족 이민 역사의 소중한 면면을 조명한 뮤직 다큐로, '2022 국외문화재 보존‧복원 및 활용 사업' 공모에 당선돼 제작에 착수했다.

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Now Production has been producing documentaries since 2012. Our films have been seen across the world in film festivals, exhibitions, and cinemas. We have created deeply researched historical and non-historical content with a belief that everyone has an extraordinary story that can inspire others.  Click 'Film' menu to see the exciting projects we've created. 

Meet Our Team


Jinyoung Lee Won

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Executive Director, Write


Graduated from Ewha Women’s University, Dept of Journalism and Visual Art. After moving to Hawaii in 2003, Won worked with various media companies and has published several Hawaii travel books.

In 2017, Won established Now Production, a comprehensive content production company to produce various video content. Her first film directorial work ‘Words of Wisdom from the Rainbow State’ was officially invited to numerous film festivals including the 41st Hawaii International Film Festival and she won ‘First Filmmaker Award’ from the Liberty International Film Festival and the Tagore International Film Festival. Won is also a recipient of the East-West Literary Award & the Excellence Award at the Overseas Korean Literature Award.


Michelle Goodin

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Producer, PR Director

Born to a Korean mother and 4th-generation Japanese father, Goodin was born and raised in Hawaii and earned a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

For the past 20 years, as a global luxury fashion group buyer and in merchandising sales, Goodin was in charge of marketing and sales in the Americas catering to Asian and American demographics. Goodin managed multiple aspects of production and is responsible for funds procurement, global marketing and content distribution by utilizing the Hawaii network accumulated over a long period. 


Diana S. Kim

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Diana S. Kim is an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University in the Edmund A. Walsh School

of Foreign Service and core faculty member of the Asian Studies Program. Kim is the award-winning

author of Empires of Vice: The Rise of Opium Prohibition across Southeast Asia (Princeton University Press, 2020) and her scholarship is animated by concerns with how modern states develop capacity to

define people at the edges of respectable society, constructing what it means to be illicit, marginal, and deviant, with regional focus on Southeast and East Asia. Diana received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the

University of Chicago and B.A. from Korea University.

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Honolulu, Hawaii, 96814

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